Photo By: Talk Studios
Brian Tooker

Video Editor - Visual Effects Artist - Cinematographer - Photographer



Brian Tooker is a multimedia artist located in Phoenix, Arizona specializing in professional video and photography services. Within the video field he is an accomplished cinematographer, video editor, and visual effect supervisor/artist.


I am dedicated to my work and sometimes I like to share my hard work with fellow artists. On my blog I post photos from places I have visited all around the world, as well as the occasional behind the scenes video from my latest project.


Filmmaking is my passion and I strive to produce quality work above anything else. I have experience working on feature films, short films, commercials, music videos, and web series both on set behind the camera and in post-production behind the keyboard.


I have always loved photography and the emotion behind a good image. My very first job was at a photography studio as a re-touch artist. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed shooting classic portraits, weddings, events, glamour portraits, travel, real estate, and cars.